About Us

About Us

Raa design studio in Chennai has been in the forefront of interior designing and proved to be the best interior decorators in Chennai. Interior designing is an art and science. It is a domain where artists and engineers collaborate to make the best use of space in the most efficient and aesthetic way. Designing the inside of a space becomes all the more important with crunching space constraints and increasing cost of real estate. Raa Interior designers in Chennai, understand this very well and have been working with an extensive clientele and have been helping them achieve their goals of making sure the inside of a home or office looks great while maintaining the efficiency of space. In other words, we are driven by three core values that help them achieve this:

  • 1. Ergonomics
  • 2. Aesthetics
  • 3. Best-In- Class Quality

We drill down these concepts right from architects to carpenters who are partnered with us. We take pride in our work and being in this business, a customer’s satisfaction forms the core of our business. For any interior decorators in Chennai, Raa Design Studio is the only place you can find everything you need in regards to interior design.

A Problem-Solution approach to Interior Designing

Raa Design Studio, the unique interior decorators in Chennai, approach every space with the customer’s needs and brainstorm with multiple stakeholders to understand your real and latent needs and then come up with a design to really solve your problems with aesthetics in mind. We welcome innumerable iterations and brainstorm to solve your problems. This gives us an edge in getting to the satisfaction that a client is looking for to create a wonderful and beautiful space inside a home or office.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business

Interior designing is a tricky business in Chennai where space really is a crunch and the real idea is to make this crunched space look beautifully while maintaining its utility. Our satisfaction index with our clientele has always been the best in the market. While approaching clients we seek to understand:

  • 1. Need
  • 2. Latent Need
  • 3. Budget

Based on this we create an interior designing plan that has:

  • 1. World Class Design
  • 2. Best in Class Quality

There are innumerable interior designing contractors in Chennai who will promise you the Moon. But Raa Design Studio, an awesome interior decorators in Chennai, walk the talk. We claim only those that we achieve. It becomes an inherent value that we build for ourselves in ensuring that your home or office has the best interior design possible in a city like Chennai. We never Raa Design Studio have proven track record in the following services:

  • 1. Consulting services
  • 2. Ideas for the functional spaces
  • 3. Rendering
  • 4. Illustrations of the design
  • 5. Organizing and arranging the space for suiting all the requirements
  • 6. Fixtures, furnishings, colors design
  • 7. Designing Fabrics
  • 8. Lighting

We provide interior design services for the following set of clients:

  • 1. Home
  • 2. Office
  • 3. Hotels
  • 4. Any other internal space
  • 5. Any other external space

We welcome you to try us and see a beautifully crafted interior design home or office for yourself.